lost futures


Drawing upon randomly-generated text, deconstructed theory, and appropriated imagery, lost futures disrupts conventions of communication through design and typography, using digital methods of erasure, illegibility, and obfuscation to alter signs and confuse meaning.

At the thematic heart of lost futures is the “haunting” of the present by futures that were promised but have not indeed come to pass, whose deferrals affect paradoxes, anachronisms, and displaced nostalgia in our culture.

Available as a PDF that can be downloaded, printed, and assembled anywhere, by any one, at any time, lost futures is a comment on the zine’s place in contemporary culture, raising questions of reproduction and relevancy as well as the role of print versus digital.

The video component to lost futures functions as a dynamic and wholly digital counterpoint to the zine-object. Projected on a loop as the zine is printed and assembled, the video enacts a ‘reading’ of the text, isolating certain signs and symbols while obfuscating others. The viewer is made to contrast their reading of the text with that of the digital moving image and take ownership of the text and its reading through the unique assembly of the object.

Installation images from MFA Work Share at the Visual Studies Workshop, 10 May 2017